I'm pursuing a MSc in Inequalities and Social Science from the University of Leeds (expected graduation 2021). You can read my academic writing, in subjects such as sociology, economics, and literature, as well as some pieces I've written for various writing classes in my Undergraduate degree.


I do all sorts of writing: from freelance journalism, to tech-based writing and editing for Open Data Science Conference, to various musings here on the Blog tab or at HerCampus Emerson. In the past I've ghostwritten pieces in publications such as Forbes, and have written for the SMDP and Healthworks. You can read it all in in the "Writing" drop down links, or in the button below.

The Ethical Employment Project

I co-founded and co-run an employment resource for college-aged adults, to help them thrive as they enter the working world. You can read some of the pieces I've written for it in the tab above, or the button below will re-direct you to that website.


I got hired for my first internship at 15, and the words "I'd rather be busy than bored" practically became my catchphrase. Since then, a dozen jobs and a cross country move later, it still rings true.

I'm a senior at Emerson College, in an individually designed interdisciplinary program called Writing and Publishing on Inequality. I'm currently home in California, but you can normally find me in Boston planning for the future, freelance writing, or writing for Open Data Science Conference and HerCampus Emerson.

I'll be attending the University of Leeds in the fall, for the MSc in Inequalities and Social Science (expected graduation 2021).


A newsletter about observing, questioning, and most importantly, enjoying the details. Keep up-to-date, read wanderings, enjoy unpublished work. Give it a try, she won't come too often.


Contact me for more information about any of my services. I'm always happy to take on new projects!